Chokes & Strangles

A choke or strangle technique or to give its Japanese name shime-waza, is a general term for a grappling technique that reduces or prevents either air (choking) or blood (strangling) from passing through the neck of an opponent.

The restriction may be of one or both and depends on the hold used and the reaction of the opponent. Some of the most devastating shime-waza techniques restrict both blood and airflow through the opponents neck and can result in unconsciousness in a matter of just a few seconds.

A choke or strangle can either be applied by using the opponents clothing to gain leverage and apply the technique, or by using your body parts (hands, arms, legs) to apply the technique.

Chokes & strangles are one of the most effective techniques for controlling or restraining an opponent, they are very common in sparring. One of the reasons these techniques are so effective is that no matter how big or strong a person is without oxygen their body cannot function.

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